• Middle-grade novels in progress:

    MY SIX DAYS OF EPIC BRAVERY: Sixth-grader Casey is in the biggest trouble ever. She has lost her family’s most precious possession, her dad’s Coast Guard medal. Or was it stolen? She’s determined to track it downand not even gross boys, not even floods, will stand in her way.

    THE MYSTERY OF ME: In a hidden drawer in her mom’s jewelry chest, twelve-year-old Zinny discovers a pendant shaped like a silver girl. It turns out to be a clue to uncovering her mom’s biggest secret, which is buried in the Rocky Mountain mining town of Silver Springs.



  • Here is a quote from Graham Greene that helped inspire me to write for children:

    Perhaps it is only in childhood that books have any deep influence on our lives. . . . What do we ever get nowadays from reading to equal the excitement and the revelation in those first fourteen years?

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