• I was born in Cuba and came to the United States in 1961, right after the Bay of Pigs invasion. I am a writer of children’s non-fiction and fact-based fiction, trying to break into the middle-grade fiction genre. I am delighted to be represented by Natalie Lakosil of Bradford Literary Agency.

    Stories have lived in my head, ever since I can remember–the endless reporting of the funny, interesting situations of life. As a child I had visions of spending hours writing by candlelight in a garret, swaddled in blankets like Jo Marsh even though I lived in a one-story house in Cuba. My vision didn’t come true until after I had lived half my life, assuming I live to be a hundred. Raising teenagers gave me situations that begged to be written and enough time to write them. The very first piece I ever submitted, “Slipping Over to the Passenger’s Side,” about teaching my 15-year-old to drive, was published by The Washington Post. I wrote humorous essays for my hometown newspaper for four years. I have now found my love, writing for children. As well as several award-winning titles, I have written for the Smithsonian’s Science Education Center, newspapers, magazine and I contribute educational content to other print and internet outlets


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