• Andrea Ipaktchi is an American author-illustrator who works in both digital and traditional materials. 

    Her love of humor has led to on-going performances as an onstage illustrator for an improvised musical-comedy show. She also has published two comic strip series in The Paris Times and Asahi Shimbun newspapers.

    She holds a BFA in illustration from Parsons School and continues to educate herself with MOOC classes on writing, art history, philosophy, business and moonwalking. (Ok, you got me.  The moonwalking class was not MOOC but rather a Youtube video but I learned how to do it, for real.)

    She is married with two sons, lives in Paris and enjoys traveling. 


  • Using simple lines, strokes of color, facial expressions, body gestures and a dose of humor to narrate key moments.

    Andi’s Pantheon: James Thurber, Roz Chaste, Buster Keaton, Matisse, WB Yeats, Toulouse Lautrec, Jean-Jacques SempĂ©, Vladimir Nabokov, Charles Addams, Picasso, Aubrey Beardsley, Rube Goldberg, Simms Taback and Carol Burnett.