• Angela Pelaez was born in Cartagena, Colombia.

    From the time she was young child, she’s been passionate about drawing.

    With more than 20 years of experience starting of as Art Director and Illustrator in an advertising agency, she developed her talent in different field: story boards, concept development, brand identities and design, illustrations for children’s books, wall paintings, interior decoration, designer/owner of a hats company for children…

    All very different applications of her talent but all have in common a colorful and playful style and character that gives them her typical and personal signature.

    After almost 30 years living in Europe she’s back to her home country for a year. After that, who knows…


  • My books combine reality and fantasy and sometimes it is difficult to identify where the limits are. My illustrations are anyhow quite simple. Either insinuated backgrounds in pencil while the main characters are worked in full color or the other way around,black and white with a few colorful details in the background. Mainly I work with pencils or inkt.

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