• Angelia McLean is an American author/illustrator living and working in Central France. Having been grounded from markers due to drawing on her younger sister when she was about 5, Angelia has never stopped creating-although no longer on a human substrate! 

    She illustrates in watercolor, gouache and cut paper. Her characters are independent and adventurous who always read, explore and learn. They tend to be a little quirky, whimsical and endearing. Angelia has illustrated for other authors and is currently writing a series with her own character, Esmeralda, who travels all over France meeting new friends and discovering new things. 
    Angelia lives in some of France’s most beautiful countryside and will often be found walking with her Yorkie, taking tons of pictures and painting this serene, lost in time and magical place she calls home.


  • Quirky, strong female characters, fun anthropomorphic animals, humor and always a little something happening in the background are the spirit of my illustrations and artwork. I love books that keep a child wanting to reread, turn the page and stay engaged. Or, illustrations that make the reader take a second look at a drawing or spot something that was missed initially. Hidden kangaroo wearing sunglasses? Maybe!

    I am a multifaceted person.  My interests range from one extreme to another with the belief and passion that life is so full of wonderful things to do and investigate that I fear I will run out of time. Having explored these many avenues makes me rich in knowledge, subject matter, skills and inspiration that form the essence of me and how I create.