• Angie is a former kindergarten teacher, developmental therapist and author of “WHERE THE RIVER GRINS, a local history book used as a resource in Indiana schools. Her most recent title, “THE LEGENDARY R.A.COWBOY JONES, is a MG biography about a 73 year old jockey still racing horses in Kentucky.

    Angie is the creator of Rhyme Revolution (RhyPiBoMo – Rhyming Picture Book Month) This annual event held in April, is a writing challenge on her blog for children’s authors. She has a passion for writing rhyming picture books and poetry and encourages educators and parents to read rhyme frequently to children. Rhyme encourages language development and fosters a love of reading. https://angiekarcher.wordpress.com/

    Angie is also the founder of The Rhyming Picture Book Revolution Weekend, held in New York City in December. This annually event boasts the BEST IN RHYME Award Ceremony celebrating the best rhyming picture book each year, The RPB Revolution Writing Conference for children’s authors and a book signing at Books of Wonder bookstore for the conference faculty as well. Julie Gribble and KidLit TV http://kidlit.tv/ hosts this exciting weekend.  http://rpbrevolution.com/        

    Angie offers professional manuscript critiques and teaches writing classes. Please see more info here: https://angiekarcher.wordpress.com/writing-in-rhyme-to-wow-on-line-class/

    Angie frequently presents at schools, libraries, bookstores and enjoys presenting at writing conferences and teacher trainings.

    Her presentations include:

    Regional Publishing: A Great Place to Start!

    It’s All About the  Rhyme Story!

    Rhyming Picture Book Revolution: Writing Great Stories That Happen to Rhyme

    The presentations above are for writing conferences and retreats

    Castles, Cabins and Barnyards: If You Build it They Will Learn

    This presentation is for librarians, early childhood and elementary teachers.

    Where The River Grins: The Evansville Story

    Writing Children’s Books in my Pajamas: I Have the Best Job in the World!

    The two presentations above are for schools and can be focused for any age group.

    Please contact Angie for more information: Angiekarcherrpbm@gmail.com

    Angie is a long-time member of IN SCBWI and she lives in Indiana with her husband and four teenage children. Her beloved beagle Gracie and Mini Dashchund Lucy are her writing assistants!


  • My goal is to create memorable experiences for children through books, storytelling, poetry and art. As an educator, I want children to find a passion for reading at an early age. As a mother, I want children and parents to spend quality time reading quality books. As a writer, I want children to take journeys to far away, mystical, lands through expressive, whimsical language. And I want them to do this over and over and over!

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