• Danette Byatt is Canadian, although her heart belongs to the Caribbean.
    She’s been drawing ever since she could hold a crayon (how cliché – but true!) and always knew she’d be destined for a career in the arts. She’s an illustrator, writer and designer who’s in love with storytelling. And when she’s not creating stories – well, she’s reading them, of course!
    Danette is published as an illustrator under the pen name Anika A Wolf for the picture book ROCK AND ROLL WOODS (written by Sherry Howard, Spork / Clear Fork Publishing, 2018).


  • I love both writing and illustrating for children’s picture books, middle grade, and graphic novels. 

    I either work in mixed media or entirely digital – but I’m always striving for a hand painted quality. 

    I love to convey emotion, humour, and I’m always conscious of attention to detail. 

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