• I am a former HS Spanish Teacher of 18 years. I also taught children and adults. I have established special pages on Facebook for my Vietnamese and also for my Arabic-speaking friends wanting to learn/practice English. It is amazing how personal conversation and listening can awaken us to new ideas and new beauty. I lived in Spain for a time and have been active with the Latino Communities in my state. I’ve visited the UK and loved it. I am completely fluent in English and Spanish, I understand Portuguese but do not speak or write it. I have a limited knowledge of French, but I do my best to communicate. I know a smattering of other languages and am confident that we keep learning our entire lives. It is our motivation. I am a believer that if we see a problem, we should take action diplomatically. We can always make a difference!


  • A published author and Mom’s Choice Award Winner, I have also received Honorable Mention for the CLIPPA and Honorable Mention for the Purple Dragon Awards. I write in English and separately in Spanish, something I saw a need for having been a HS Spanish teacher and active in the Latino Community, I learned that children’s books are useful and enjoyable not only for children of the native language but for language learners of the other. I am culturally aware and involved. Constantly fascinated about learning new languages, I believe that communication and perceptions of others are formed at an early age. Our children need to develop a new mindset to guide tomorrow to further communication, progress, and cooperation. I work closely with authors when translating their children’s books. Have been dubbed a Latina de corazón by International Latino Book Awards and a book I translated for Janet Balletta was selected as Best Translation from English to Spanish in 2017.