• Hi, I’m Annie, a freelance digital illustrator and children’s book writer/artist working in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. I have a BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts, NY.  I am the new SCBWI West/Central NY Regional Team Illustrator Coordinator. I’ve attended numerous SCBWI webinars and conferences to hone my craft. 


    As Freelance Illustrator: 
    • I’ve enjoyed working on a few independent children’s books with authors —  assisting them with ghostwriting, editing, design of book covers and illustrating their stories. 
    • I create and redesign covers and interior illustrations for a resources company in the Midwest. I also design and layout the publications. 
    • I’m available as an illustrator for children’s book (PB,Chapter, MG, YA) interiors and book covers, children’s magazines and toys as well as indie authors. My focus is on developing a visual narrative through character development, settings, environments, props, and hand lettering.

    As Graphic Designer: 
    • I’ve specialize in illustration, branding and website design at my studio, as well as, , signage and Art card collections and prints. Book production from concept to completion, editing and design/layout of pages and covers.

    As Author/Illustrator
    • I’ve written several manuscripts (some works-in-process) ranging from PBs to MGs.
    • I thrive on research and nonfiction topicss from anteaters to zebras. 
    • Even though I enjoy revising, I’m seeking a career editorial agent to offer their expertise.

    Feel free to contact me though my contact form at my website, https://www.anniezygillustration.com 

    I look forward to working with you! 

    Thanks for your interest.  
    Annie Zygarowicz


  • As illustrator/writer 
    For me, painting has always inspired me to be a visual storyteller. My images tend to be surreal and mysterious with quirky characters and worlds where the viewer will react in some way. It may be to evoke an emotion of sorts or ponder the meaning within or behind the image. Writing, for me, is similar to painting, in that it forces me to go into my pretend worlds to meet my characters and manipulate their storyline. I tend to become so involved in the narrative, the dialogue and the characters and all the possibilities that the process of revising is just another exciting adventure. 

    – Annie Zygarowicz (pre-pub)

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