• I’m an illustrator/writer of historical picture books and middle grade. Things I love most: Byzantine, Medieval and Tudor history, mythology, cats, and coloring. 


  • For my illustration process, I allow the atmosphere and feel of the historical time period I am working on to sink in by paging through as many books on the art, architecture, history of the time as I can find. There are some pictures in books that I have been looking at for almost 50 years!—two spring to mind: Henry VIII and his Court by Neville Williams and Byzantine Painting. I just happened to fall in love with the imagery of the Tudor Court as well as the Byzantine Empire. But there are more as well.

    I let especially the decorative elements inspire me and first sketch and arrange my scenes, next scanning and building up clean line, working with my Wacom tablet in Photoshop. Most of my color work is still done by hand in acrylic, watercolor, pencil and marker. I also love to add textures by scratching or etching in paper or embossing foil—all to recreate and also reinvent the look of that era.

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