• Sa ka fet!

    My name is Baptiste Paul, and I’m the author of The Field (NorthSouth, March 2018). The picture book, which has text in both English and Creole (Patois), follows a group of island kids who continue to play soccer despite a few interruptions. I’ve got two co-authored books forthcoming as well—Adventures to School (little bee books, summer 2018), and I Am Farmer (Lerner/Millbrook, Spring 2019).

    In addition to being an author, I’m a lot of things: a dad, a native of Saint Lucia, and a sports fan.

    I enjoy sharing my island culture and Creole language with anyone who will listen. I also enjoy roasting my own coffee and chocolate and love to eat anything I can grill.

    I speak and share my experiences at schools and events, and would be happy to speak for your group on any topic from my culture to the environment or politics (I have degrees in both Environmental Science and Political Science).

    I live and work in the US now (Wisconsin), but love to travel and will go just about anywhere. Feel free to email me if you’d like to learn more or book me to speak.

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