• Barbara DiLorenzo is the author/illustrator of RENATO AND THE LION (Viking Children’s Books) and QUINCY (Little Bee Books). She received her BFA in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design and studied painting at the Art Students League of New York under Mary Beth McKenzie. In 2014 she received the Dorothy Markinko Scholarship Award from the Rutgers University Council on Children’s Literature. She is a signature member in the New England Watercolor Society as well as the Society of Illustrators. Currently, she teaches at the Arts Council of Princeton and is co-president of the Children’s Book Illustrators Group of New York. Barbara lives in Hopewell, New Jersey with her wonderful family–who constantly inspire new stories. 

    Barbara is the Illustrator Coordinator for New Jersey SCBWI and is represented by Rachel Orr of the Prospect Agency.
    Visit her portfolio at www.barbaradilorenzo.com.


  • Although I am an artist first, I love to teach art. My students have ranged in age from two to 100-years old. In teaching a wide spectrum of ages and abilities, I have learned that art is a journey. All people are artists within–it’s just a matter of time and focus and belief that their voice is worthy of being heard that transforms them into a practicing artist. Anyone can learn the technical skills of art making with enough time and patience. The exciting part is when a person realizes that their unique voice is worth expressing–and they go for it. My goal as an art teacher is to encourage those on the fence–to identify their voice, and believe in it, and make art without ever looking back. 

    In teaching this philosophy, I realize that I too am on a journey to express my unique voice. When a story or illustration or a painting resonates with me, I know I need to follow the project through. I’m still honing my painting techniques and improving my writing skills. But more importantly, I don’t ignore what connects with my heart. 

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