• Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan,
    undisputed center of the universe, Betsy Bird (nee Elizabeth Ramsey)
    grew up and promptly left Michigan the moment her legs could propel her southward. She didn’t get far. Obtaining a B.A. at Earlham College in
    Richmond, Indiana (home of recorded jazz and don’t let anyone tell you
    otherwise) she set her sights on Portland, Oregon. When that didn’t pan
    out it was Minneapolis, Minnesota. Then New York, New York. In the
    midst of all this she somehow managed to get a library degree and a job
    at New York Public Library and then, later, Evanston Public Library in Illinois. She created the children’s literary blog A
    Fuse #8 Production and schmoozed as no one had ever schmoozed before.
    The result? A non-fiction text for library students, two picture books (“Giant Dance Party” and “The Great Santa Stakeout), a behind-the-scenes title for adults
    co-written with two of her favorite bloggers called “Wild Things: Acts
    of Mischief in Children’s Literature”, a middle grade anthology of the most hilarious women writing for kids today called “Funny Girl”, and a middle grade novel illustrated by David Small called “A Long Road to the Circus”. Betsy Bird
    clearly enjoys what she does and shall continue to do so for some time.

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