• Story is my life from my early years fishing and haunting the gold museums in my Colorado, to backwoods travel in my Alaska, and then nesting in the richness of diversity in my Bay Area of California. I know story through art, teaching, writing, and by verbal telling, important to craft an excellent story. 

    As I like to say after by Bachelor earned for teaching, my second “Bachelor” I earned through SCBWI on “how to compost, write, and illustrate the ‘best’ original story.”

    My “Masters” “how to tell a story,” I acquired from the Storytelling Program at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA.

    As I like to say, my “Doctorate,” “where stories originated,” I earned from studies at the Asia Art Museum in San Francisco.

    As the Regional Adviser SCBW(I) for all of the Northern CA from 1985 to 1990, I started their first newsletter, ‘galleys,’ first Asilomar Conferences, plus planning and organizing meetings, and setting up critique groups.

    Now I like to say: I have a “doctorate” degree in e-publishing and started AS IS Productions for BobbieTales. This process involves cover design, formatting, marketing, and social media.

    Universities and Colleges I’ve attended: the University of Dominican for storytelling, Vista College and Laney College for creative writing; California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco Art, and the University of Alaska for art. My Bachelor’s degree I earned from Colorado University at Boulder, BS in Education with minor in Art, 1965.

    “With age brings wisdom” is my motto.


  • As a child living in the mountains of Colorado, I created stories about animals. In sixth grade, I had the opportunity to attend the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, where activities included; tempera painting, chalk, clay building, watercolors, and papier-mache. I was an artist.

    At the University of Colorado in Boulder, I studied elementary education and fine arts. In the summer of my senior year (1965), I had the pleasure of attending a course on children’s literature and drew my first picture book, SAMMY’S FRUSTRATION.

    While attending the College of Oakland Arts and Crafts (1982), I saw an ad from SCBW(I) for a writer’s conference in Los Angeles. My opening into the world of writing and illustrating books for children.

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