• Hi, I’m Bonnie
    Ferrante, a hybrid author. My short stories, newspaper articles and columns,
    and novels have been published traditionally. I have begun simultaneously
    self-publishing novels and picture books and am doing my own illustrations. “Leya: Sphere of Vision Book One,” my most recent YA book
    was completed with the support of an OAC Northern Arts grant. I’m a working on
    a young adult contemporary with the support of a Writers Works in Progress
    grant. During the long cold winters of Thunder Bay, in Northern Ontario, I
    spend most of my time writing and drawing. Since developing Parkinson’s
    Disease, I have switched from illustrating with acrylics and pencil crayon, to
    digital format. I was a grade school teacher for thirty-three years, ten of
    those as a teacher-librarian. I am a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist lay leader, which
    shows up in unexpected ways in my writing. Check out my writing on
    BonnieFerrante.ca which also lists other methods to connect. I also have a blog
    where I review picture books and young adult novels. http://