• CS Perryess lives happily with his wife in a foggy little town on California’s central coast, where he reads like a fiend, writes & edits, does most his errands on his bicycle, narrates audiobooks, and occasionally thumps around on his guitar or upright bass. Life is abundantly sweet & he appreciates it no end. 


  • I write in that bothersome tweenish spot at the bottom of YA & the top of MG. I’ve had pretty great luck placing short pieces in magazines and anthologies, but I’m still trying to find publishers for my longer work. It’s my goal as a writer to follow Patti Gauch’s advice and be sure my heart beats on every page. 

    For 5 years I’ve been narrating audiobooks for Audible. Some have been for the adult market and three have been middle grade books. I’d love to move into narrating MG & YA books written by SCBWI members.

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