• Candy grew up in upstate New York, running barefoot in the soft grass and filling her lungs with dairy scented air. Now you can find her swimming through the humidity and slapping mosquitos along the seaside in Florida. When she’s not outside soaking in psithurism and photographing nature’s creatures, she’s writing fiction and nonfiction picture books. 


    Tidbits about her:


    She’s a Photographer.


    She’s a former newspaper photographer where one of her favorite assignments gave her the opportunity to meet a WWI veteran who was 111 years young. She enjoyed capturing his glee as everyone celebrated him with the gift of belly dancers.


    She had the opportunity to learn from legendary National Geographic photographer, James L. Stanfield. 


    She helped care for a manatee named, Snooty.


    She volunteered at Mote Marine and helped care for a juvenile pygmy sperm whale.


    She was a Segway tour guide.


    She’s a shorty that loves shooting hoops and would love to challenge you to a game of horse.


    She loves big dogs and Hemmingway cats. 


    She’s a mom of two young boys and is always on guard as a tackle could happen at any given moment! 


    She is merrily married to an even bigger boy who can never seem to find anything, especially, in the refrigerator. Candy now has an invention idea for the man-fridge- just ask her about it.