• For most of my 35 years as a fourth grade teacher, I read picture books to support curriculum on a daily basis. Who knew I was preparing myself to become an author? I started writing in 2002…..not because I wanted to, but because it came over me and I HAD to write. I joined SCBWI, and dove into the life of a writer…whenever I didn’t have too many papers to correct, or report cards due, or wasn’t completely exhausted from the overwhelming work of a teacher. But those children and the classroom gave me many ideas. My first book published, Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?-(A Story of Divorce), Boulden Publishing fall 2008, was one of thirty I’d written. I was making up for first starting to write at the age of 50. This story was inspired by years of pain I’d seen on children’s faces who had been through divorce….more and more in recent years, as well as one special boy who actually lived the schedule described in my book. And it was because of a call for submission in the SCBWI Bulletin that I am now published! And my second book, Ruth The Sleuth and The Messy Room, was also published because of SCBWI. I saw a call for submissions on the SCBWI Discussion Board from a new publisher looking for certain types of stories for Character Publishing. (Character Publishing went out of business in 2017 but was republished with Mazo Publishers in 2018 and in paperback!) It received the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval.  My picture book, Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You, released January 1, 2015 with Pauline Books & Media, is now in its fourth printing. It was the 3rd place winner in the Catholic Press Association’s 2016 Book Awards in the children’s category and was a finalist for the ACP Excellence in Publishing Awards 2016. My first e-book came out with Schoolwide, Inc., Hip Hopping Books, spring 2015 and I had a book came out with the international publisher, Clavis Books, December 2016, Mama, Wist Je Dat? The English title, You Know What? followed September 2017 and was a CLEL Bell Picture Book Awards Nominee for Talk (2018) and a finalist for the Crystal Kite Award in New England. The Korean language edition came out 2019. A new picture book, Some Daddies, illustrated by Javiera Maclean Alvarez came out May 17, 2022 with Beaming Books. And Trucker Kid, illustrated by Russ Cox, comes out Jan. 1, 2023, with Capstone. I love working on my writing and promoting my books. Now retired, I look forward to seeing where my writing adventures will take me. 


  • I want my books to touch lives.

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