• Carol Bloom Levin writes adventure tales that celebrate Jewish life. Her first picture book, A Rosh Hashanah Walk, came out when her kids were small. Decades later, a raucous seder with grandkids inspired Haggadah Regatta, a fun introduction to the Passover rituals for young families.   

    Where did the matzah raft stompers originate? When little, Carol played Stomp! at her daddy’s shoe store and discovered that shoes can take you to amazing places. Her love of storytelling and history led to the publication of The Synagogue Journal: 1856-2006, an online resource that chronicles the beginnings of the first Jewish congregation in Brooklyn, New York. 


  • My new picture book, Haggadah Regatta, will be ready in time for Passover. Two Kids Books launches the magical matzah raft in January 2019. Get ready for a meaningful seder with a crew of shoes. Warning: the raft sails only if all on board Stomp!

    Haggadah Regatta is my debut as a children’s book illustrator. Up until now, my art has focused on graphic design and painting expressionist oils and watercolors. Creating the whimsical cartoons to accompany this Haggadah is without a doubt, the most FUN I’ve had in years. 

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