• I write adventure tales that celebrate Jewish life. My first picture book, A Rosh Hashanah Walk, came out when my children were small. Decades later, a foot-stomping seder inspired Haggadah Regatta. The kids Haggadah combines the best parts of a Passover seder with the tale of a matzah raft who sails with two kids and a tribe of shoes. Where did the shoes come? Growing up in New Jersey, I played Stomp! at my daddy’s shoe store. 

    After receiving a BFA from Boston University, I exhibited my work in galleries, taught drug prevention in grades 2-6, and produced The Synagogue Journal: 1856-2006, a historical journal of the first Jewish congregation in Brooklyn, New York. I now nurture my creativity in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


  • Creativity for me means branching out in new avenues. Producing Haggadah Regatta proved to be incredibly rich with opportunities to hone skills both pre and post publication. Above the challenges and thrills of writing and illustrating, I learned how to: format the book’s layout, enhance my watercolor illustrations with digital art, design flyers and brochures, post on social media, create resource materials for teachers and parents, market the book as an indie publisher and produce a book trailer. Yoo-hoo!

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