• Carol Paur snores.
    Instead of dwelling on the negative, however, she used it to create Isasnora
    Snores, a middle grade book. Another big negative – Covid – prompted her
    to create the Isasnora Snores’ YouTube channel. Each month features
    a new show linked to her blog.

    “I like taking
    what I have to imagine something new. It all began as a child when I wrote
    plays and stories for my elementary school.” Paur has also indie-published two
    novels and a spiritual book.

    Paur holds a BS in Psychology from the University Wisconsin Parkside, and a MA in Communication from Marquette University. Paur also writes plays and screenplays, with two of her scripts placing in prominent national competitions. She lives in Wisconsin with her family and is grateful for their love and support. 


  • I’ve been writing since a small child, but only took the craft seriously when I became a middle-aged adult! Perseverance, courage, and a sense of humor have helped me continue even when I make mistakes or fail. 

    Encouraging others is something I take seriously. I like to give talks to the young and old – whoever will listen- and hope they leave with a sense of hope and enthusiasm for life. 

    I get a big kick when people tell me they like my stories. I am grateful to my family and friends who have supported me. 

    What’s next for Isasnora? You’ll have to wait for the release of Isasnora and The Royal Orb of Peace. 

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