• I’m a California girl with Midwest values living in the South: a
    Wonderwegian. Home is where my heart is– family, books, music, and
    imagination. If I could name a hometown, it’d be Wonderland.

    While experiencing the typical adventures of growing up, I called
    several places in both San Diego and Santa Cruz counties “home.” In high
    school I began writing seriously, finishing a novel a year between the
    ages of fifteen and seventeen.

    After high school, I worked part-time during the day and took
    night courses at the local community college four evenings a week, as well as
    completed the “Writing for Children and Teenagers” correspondence course
    through the Institute of Children’s Literature. I graduated with an
    Associate in Arts and Sciences from Palomar College, completed the ICL study course,
    and had four first drafts of novels written by the time I was nineteen.

    Gulf Coast of Alabama has been my home since I was twenty and have been
    married just as long. I homeschool three children, ages elementary to
    high school.

    After a break from writing during most of my twenties, I once again devoted
    time to the craft since 2005. I’ve sold several non-fiction articles that have
    published in magazines such as
    The Ensign. I was elected president
    of Mobile Writers Guild in May of 2011 and served two terms from 2011-2013, and
    have been the Mobile area Local Liaison for SCBWI since 2012. I also volunteer
    with the Mobile Metro Reading Council’s annual Young Author events.

    My current
    projects include contemporary coming-of-age novels and a historical adventure,
    for middle grade and young adult readers. Two young adult novels will be published in 2015 and 2016 by Anaiah Press: FORTITUDE (December 8, 2015)and CORRODED (April 12, 2016.) When I’m not reading, writing,
    browsing the children/teen sections of bookstores/libraries, or
    homeschooling, I can often be found knitting or volunteering at
    church activities.



  • Don’t let your fortitude get corroded.

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