• Catherine Cooper was a primary school teacher for 29 years before deciding to write for children. Her love of history, myths and legends, and the Shropshire countryside around where she lives, shines through her charming stories. 

    The first book in the Jack Brenin series, The Golden Acorn, was the overall winner of the 2010 Brit Writers Awards and Catherine also won the Brit Writer of the Year award.  This book was also recommended by the National Literacy Trust as a guided reading book for KS2.  The next five books which follow The Golden Acorn in the Adventures of Jack Brenin are… Glasruhen Gate, Silver Hill, The Lost Treasure of Annwn, The Oak Lord, and The Wichen Tree.  Catherine is now writing the next Jack and Camelin adventure. 

    In 2011 a Hollywood film contract was signed.  The Jack Brenin series is an extraordinary magical adventure and recounts the exploits of young hero, Jack Brenin, and Camelin, a greedy, grumpy raven who likes kebabs.  Catherine also writes the Hawke & Co. series and Ariadne Adventure books.  A paperback extended version of the Book of Dragon Lore ebook (Finnik The Delve’s Book of Dragons) is out now.

    More information about Catherine can be found at www.pengridion.co.uk.


  • Catherine co-illustrates the Jack Brenin series with her husband, Ron.