• Once upon a time, in the suburbs of Atlanta, Cathy C. Hall wrote a funny story and people liked it and just like that, she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life!

    Okay, maybe not just like that. She had a lot to learn so thank goodness for SCBWI. Today, she’s the ARA in the Southern Breeze region and that keeps her pretty busy.

    But she still finds time to write, sending her essays to magazines like Sasee, her family stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul, and her ramblings show up regularly at her blog. Her leveled readers for kids are published in Korea through Darakwon and she even has stories in children’s magazines in China. Cathy’s a little like Where’s Waldo but with way better fashion sense. So she got her happily-ever-after, after all.

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