• Celeste is an illustrator, writer and general creative, living in Tokai, Cape Town, with her 3 cats, 2 dogs and husband.

    Celeste’s has illustrated a number of books, from children picture books, to older chapter books, and even older tertiary text books. She has worked for a number of publishing companies, as well as self-publishing authors, as an illustrator. She has studied art at Waldorf, Frank Joubert, as well as Graphic Design at Cape Peninsula University.

    As a writer, Celeste has been freelancing since  2006 and has been published in a number of magazines and websites. She has also won a few competitions overseas with her short stories.


  • I love children’s books. They are full of possibilities, wonder and magic. Anything can happen in a children’s book and you will just naturally believe it; you don’t need any explanation, no adult logic, just imagination.
    My style is fairly loose and borders on a cartoon illustration style. I love doing chapter books for older children in pen and pencil as well as picture books for younger children in watercolour and pencil crayon. Depending on the book size, I can also do digital illustrations.
    Authors and publishers are welcome to send me their stories and I will gladly put together a pitch on the characters and first few scenes. We can then take it from there!

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