• M.C. Tillson loves reading and writing children’s books. She grew up and went to college in North Carolina, graduating with a B.A. from St. Andrews Presbyterian College where she studied  Political Science. (“I use it every day,” says Tillson.)

    After moving to California, M.C. Tillson started her technical writing career in Silicon Valley and got her Master’s Degree (also in Political Science). Today she’s the owner of A&M Writing and Publishing and the author of several children’s books, including The Clue at Copper Harbor, The Mystery of Eagle Harbor, The Secret of Bete Grise Bay, and The Mystery at Oak Island.

    M.C.Tillson and her son live in Northern California with Mercy, a chocolate and white Brittany who enjoys digging holes and blogging (https://mercylouise.wordpress.com/).


  • “No one denies the impact a single book can have on a child. Opening up as many worlds as possible is critical to making the connection and is a personal goal of mine. You never know when a book will strike a special chord for a reader—it always seems to be the least likely child at the least likely moment.

    “I wish I could meet every single child who has read my books. They are a demanding audience, but my interactions—the questions, conversations, and letters—are priceless.”