• I have a world. I am apart of a world. My child often asks me where I’m from and I say everywhere. 

    I am connected. I’ve lived in different cultures and met so many people with interesting backgrounds and accumulated valuable insights from many points of views. I am of American and Japanese descent. I moved around a lot hence the view points. 
    Living in Japan I had the fortunate opportunity to study in Japan as well at Sozosha College of design. 
    I am an observer. I live and learn and try to understand what is in that fried rice that makes it so delicious… I love the little things that make me smile without me knowing. It feels like I found a treasure in the vast place of reality and imagination. And that is what fuels my illustrations.


  • I have always been drawn to the arts. I was always involved in the arts. That was how I communicated best. And that is why I illustrate. It is important to be able to express yourself even for little things. Drawing and illustrating is the most honest way I can do that. And that is how I found my way in to the illustrating field.

    My process starts from receiving the brief or manuscript. I start envisioning the the characters and the world they live in. I see the colours and life around them. I see the supporting characters and props. If there’s a house in the story I want to make that home for the characters just as I make my home. This all goes on in my head while reading. I read through quite a few times and make notes and little sketches. Then I move onto really nutting out what our characters and their world would look like and create a character and prop book. If all goes well then is sketching out the page thumbnails. Once everything is approved it getting dirty time. I usually start off quite traditional by stretching paper. Pencil down the drawing then ink it. Once I’ve done as much as I can by hand I take it in to the computer and finalise the illustration.

    I will have a new book out I had the tremendous pleasure of illustrating this October. ‘The Forever Kid’ by Elizabeth Mary Cummings and Published by Big Sky Publishing. I am also working on my next book which I am having a lot of fun with as it reminds me of the things I got up to as a kid. 

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