• I’m a children’s book illustrator based in the Midwest! 

    I’ve illustrated 6 educational books, all over 32 pages. I want to expand my illustration work into published picture books. I’m great to work with, I keep a perfect calendar, I receive feedback with grace, and I will meet the deadline. 
    I live in a basement with my partner, Seth, and our orange cat, Pencil. In my free time, I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, video games, tennis, and drawing.
    Seeking representation. 


  • My pictures are whimsical and fantastical. I look and listen for magic everyday.
    I want to illustrate stories with adventurous child protagonists, who reveal their world and perspectives as not-so-ordinary after all. Children are intelligent, capable, strong, worth respecting and listening to…So let’s make stories that way!

    It’s of upmost importance that I illustrate the world the way it actually exists- with beautiful, breathtaking diversity. I’m not interested in drawing a flat, one-color, two-gender world.