• Christiane Angibous-Esnault was born in Paris in 1947. She is a surprising multi-talented artist, whose interests span a wide variety of disciplines, from poetry to painting, to photography, music and science. She was first awarded La Rose de Dourdan, a prize for poetry, in 1987, and many others followed since. In 1995 she won a special prize at the Grand Prix de la Plume Lorraine for her short story Suns and swamps (Soleils et marécages). In 2008 she created the first Augustin’s Adventures. The exhibition of her photographs and watercolor paintings entitled Egypt of Men and Gods (Égypte, des Dieux et des Hommes) in Ville d’Avray and at the Roë abbey is a success, opening her the doors of the Parisian Center of Egyptian Culture for an exhibition in 2005. Since 2007 she is the General Secretary and Communication Officer at ArkeoTopia, an alternative approach to archaeology a non-profit organization, offering her talent for storytelling for the benefit of science education aimed at the youngest audience and enriching Augustin’s World with numerous stories of which the present volume is merely a part.