• Christopher is co-chair of the Advisory Board for the SCBWI. He has taught infants and primary grades (elementary) in schools as well as at Taronga Zoo in Sydney (working with both human and non-human animals). He has worked as a bookseller, as an educator at Purdue University (USA) developing science based educational CD-ROMs but now he has the best job in the world. He is a full time children’s author writing fiction (including historical fiction), picture books and non-fiction titles.

    His recent publications include the picture books Bear and Rat (a loving tribute to his adored wife), One Tree, and New Year Surprise!the shortlisted narrative non-fiction title Python, and the rhyming picture book Sounds Spooky. He presents talks and workshops at festivals, universities and schools around the world and has recently presented at international conferences in Singapore, Manila, New Delhi and at the SCBWI Summer Conference.

    Christopher holds a Master of Arts in Children’s Literature and again – he has the BEST job in the world.


  • I have always loved books and they have been part of my life ever since I can remember. I still have my very first books (Golden Books of course) as well as my copies of Peter Rabbit and Peter Tiggywig. Now they are part of the thousands of books here in my office.

    Books have allowed me to
    imagine, to wonder, to see and to discover.

    And today I hope that the books I create allow readers to imagine, wonder, see and discover too.

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