• I am an author, blogger, social justice activist and self-publisher.  I have an MBA in Management and Strategy through Western Governor’s University, and a BA in Journalism and Public Communications through the University of Alaska Anchorage.  I earned seven years of public service experience at Alaska’s higher education agency.  However, I transitioned to social justice activism and the pursuit of my life-long dream of being an author in 2015 after the wrongful conviction of my husband.  


  • My first children’s picture book, Why Can’t Uncle Come Home?, was published to ebook in December 2017, and is now available in both paperback and hardback. The book is the first in the Where Is Uncle? series, and is designed as a story for very young children struggling with the wrongful conviction of a loved one. The second book in the series, Timmy and Kate Go To Visit, will be coming out in 2019. It addresses a child’s experience visiting a loved one in prison. Later books will address related issues for children, including: seeing human beings in a world focused on the bad guy, convicted parents, and understanding legal experiences their parents talk about like trials.  

    As adults, we shy away from these topics and often ignore the undeniable fact that hundreds of thousands of children are living through these experiences every year, whether it is ever fully explained to them or not. Parents often struggle with how to help children understand issues they struggle with themselves; especially wrongful conviction.  It is my goal to bring hope to these children, and understanding to children who will grow up to interact with a justice system that very few adults today truly understand. As adults struggle to write the wrongs of this broken system, children are already growing up who will take the reigns in reforming a system that will hopefully become worthy of our trust.  

    I also write adult fiction, nonfiction, poetry and spiritual works. 

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