• Cynthia De La Torre was born and raised in Southern California. She loves all things weird, whimsical, and magical. Her favorite time of year is Halloween – her home is covered in Halloween decor year-round.

    As a child, Cynthia loved pretending and imagining the impossible. She spent countless hours making up stories and imagining worlds that only existed in her mind. Cynthia loves being able to bring those characters and worlds to life through her stories and her cut paper art illustrations. And more than anything, she loves being able to share her OWN Voice and her unique perspective on life.

    As a Mexican-American girl growing up, Cynthia did not see many characters that looked like her or shared her experiences. It saddened her to think people like herself didn’t have valuable stories to tell. Cynthia hopes to change that perception for other minority children that are growing up now, with her books.


  • Cynthia writes and illustrates picture books. She first discovered cut paper art 2.5 years ago. She loves being able to add lights and shadows to her pieces and make people feel like they can jump right into the magical worlds she creates.

    Cynthia loves representing diverse characters from all backgrounds. She loves writing stories, infused with magical elements, that teach kids about self-acceptance, finding their place in the world, and accepting other people’s differences. Cynthia also loves sharing her Mexican heritage. She hopes that one day books with diverse characters, from all backgrounds, will be the norm. And she’s looking forward to being part of that change.