• D. A. Batrowny resides in New York State and the DC metro area. She has over 25 years of experience working with children and families in the field of nurse home visiting, growth and development, literacy, and early childhood education. She has worked as a home visitor, longitudinal study interviewer, children’s non-profit program director and writer. She holds degrees in Nursing and Business Administration and educational experience in writing, editing, project management, computer informational science and marketing. She believes that all children should have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Her goal is to share this information with the parents of every young child, starting at birth. This belief led to the idea for The Art of Early Learning Series, and the Early Ed Series. They were designed to promote growth and development, pre-literacy skills and fun! They provides great information for parents in the short time that it takes to read a fun children’s story!


  • I am happy to announce that the first book in The Art of Early Learning Series was released April 29, 2014. and other books in The Art of Early Learning Series of children’s books are now available on Amazon, through Ingram and at other locations. The Early Ed Series was released in 2017.  The books have been read by families in Algeria, Serbia, UK, Mexico, Canada, US, Panama, Chile, and Brazil. I am grateful for the interest in my books and the many ways the books have helped parents!