• Dana Sullivan is the writer and illustrator of Ozzie and the Art Contest (2013) and Kay
    Kay’s Alphabet Safari (2014) and is the illustrator for the Digger
    and Daisy early reader series and two sets of Bob Books for Scholastic. He also
    teaches Intro to Picture Books at the Kirkland Arts Center and Graphic Novel
    making at Bellevue College. Dana is the Co-Regional Advisor of the Western Washington chapter or SCBWI and lives in Newcastle with
    the sweet Vicki and their two dogs, one living (Bennie) and one not so much
    (Max). You can verify that most of this is true at his website


  • Speed! Get your ideas (ALL of your ideas) down so fast your critical self won’t edit them. You probably have some pretty good gems in there. I believe writer’s block is really a case of criticizing your ideas before you can put them on paper. Put them on paper! Paper’s cheap and you don’t have to show them to anybody.

    And if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right. This is for kids, right?