• Story Farmer – harvesting middle grade and YA. Paying the bills as an environmental writer/consultant. Also an aspiring painter, watercolors mostly. 


  • Lost Boys  My debut – Published by Henry Holt in 2017 – a middle grade historical fiction about boys sent to fight in the Iran/Iraq war in 1982. Why you may ask is a Jewish girl from California telling this story?Mostly because it’s an important story that no one else has told. Also many of my stories have to do with kids growing up around adults who expect them to believe as they do without question.

    Work in Progress 

    Water’s Daughter (working title) – tells the story of a Nina, she’s from L.A., and oblivious to much of the world outside the San Fernando Valley. She is finds herself pitted against her developer step-father in an environmental struggle to save property that was some how connected to her Grandmother and great grandmother who were both activists in the  California water wars. The journey of figuring out what’s expected of her and by whom leads her to unravel mysteries about the ongoing water struggle, but more importantly about herself and her family.

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    Lost Boys

    Henry Holt Books for Young Readers (Macmillan)