• I created characters and concepts for Fortune 500 companies and theme parks before turning my interest to children’s picture books and IPs. An animation studio optioned one of my properties for development in March 2016. The deal was based on an unpublished picture book. Another property for children is being reviewed by 16 studios. 


  • . Our fun characters and stories are available for publishing, licensing, and animation.

    . Our Studio also provides illustration, animation, and writing and design services on a freelance basis.

    WHY: We LOVE telling stories to children. The more fun and whimsical, the better! Daryl’s an artist with theatrical training and a great sense of humor. Partner Louise Glickman is a writer and designer with a public relations + marketing background. 

    WHERE: We all live in Asheville, North Carolina with the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains just outside our windows.  But our clients, agents, producers and friends are everywhere. Lucky us!