• I grew up coloring monsters in my brothers’ D&D manuals in a Texas college town. After I graduated with a BA in Art, I landed a job creating art for computer games in St. Louis, as my wife earned her doctorate in genetics. When we moved to Boston for my wife’s postdoc at MIT, I shifted to freelance, working on card games, book covers, and other fantasy projects before realizing that my true dual passions are in children’s literature and scientific illustration. I made the move just before our first son was born. I shelved the freelancing to become a stay-at-home dad for over a decade. Now we live in the Denver, Colorado area, our second son is in school full time, and I’m ready to get the art career going again. I’m an active member of SCBWI.


  • My main passion is creating interesting characters and worlds that hint at the kinds of stories that inspired me as a child, in the hopes of inspiring stories in others. Within that, my favorite subjects are animals, fantasy, and scientific topics. I also love encouraging STEM studies in all children. 

    I work in both traditional media (mainly acrylic) and digital. I am actively seeking representation, and I’m interested in illustrating other people’s manuscripts as well as the ones I’m writing.