• I will always be a kid at heart. I love to read children’s books out loud in all the funny voices. Picture books are my favorites. All my life I wanted to write and draw pictures for books. I have a BFA from Maryville University where later on I also taught graphic design and illustration. I have 30+ years of experience in graphic design, art direction and illustration working in the advertising and marketing field. That make me a perfect fit for many types of books. I can take an author’s idea from original rough manuscript to a fully illustrated, designed, packaged and printer-ready book. I love working with authors directly on their self-published book or with traditional publishers. I illustrate in traditional materials as well as digital media.  Email me dayne.design@gmail.com  Visit my website http://daynesislendesign.com or my blog http://daynesislendesign.wordpress.com


  • Picture books are my Passion. Illustrating for children has been a dream of mine for a long time. As I child I spent hours looking at the pictures and “reading” my books.I wanted to step into the wonderful world I saw on the pages. As an adult, I love being part of the process that brings this enchanting world to children and their caregivers. I worked most of my life as a graphic designer and art director in advertising and marketing. Nine years ago, I decided to specialize in illustrating children’s books and products. I work traditionally in watercolor and digitally using digital watercolor and pastel brushes. I select the best media to bring each author’s words and characters to life. Drawing children and animals in a whimsical colorful style is my passion. l work with both self-publishing authors and with traditional publishers. My website: http://daynesislendesign.com and blog: http://daynesislendesign.wordpress.com 

    Contact me: dayne.design@gmail.com