• Dean Gloster writes YA novels, including DESSERT FIRST, out now from Simon Pulse/Merit Press. His checkered past includes being a stand-up comic, practicing law, and serving as a law clerk for two Supreme Court Justices.

    His stories tend to have lots of humor, some tears, a hint of romance, and an off-kilter sensibility. He often writes about death and the question of whether it’s possible to save someone. He lives in Berkeley, California, where he writes full time. He’s @deangloster on Twitter, where he has over 117,000 followers. 


  • I write contemporary YA (some realistic, some with speculative/fantasy elements.)  My debut novel is a funny tear-jerker about learning to forgive. I don’t confuse serious with solemn: I have a background in stand-up comedy, and I write the funny, even about subjects like childhood leukemia. I have an MFA at VCFA in writing for children and young adults, and other than that, I write full time. Former lawyer (in remission.) 

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