• Deb Lund is best known for her rollicking bestselling dinobooks (Dinosoaring, All Aboard the Dinotrain, and Dinosailors), and Monsters on Machines. Deb is a creativity coach, writing teacher, and popular presenter at conferences, workshops, libraries, and schools. She supports writers, students, and teachers through her presentations, continuing education courses, blogs, materials and online learning and author visits. More picture books and middle-grade novels are among Deb’s current projects. Visit Deb at www.deblund.com.


  • Writing is hard, delightful, and worthwhile. I create books for kids because I remember what it was like to skin up my knees, to fly down snowy hills on toboggans, to lose pets, to find pictures in the clouds, and to dream about being an artist when I grew up.

    As a children’s author, my hope is to connect, to instill empathy, to entertain, and to evoke emotions that fill children’s hearts and give them a sense of belonging.

    As a creativity coach, I know that the stories we writers most need to revise are the ones we tell ourselves. My passion for helping others with their passions doesn’t end with the children I see on school visits. I partner with creative people of all ages and backgrounds to support them in pursuing their dreams, and to help them find more joy and meaning in their lives.

    As a teacher, whether it’s in my online continuing education courses for writing teachers, school author visits, library and conference presentations, kidlit classes, or writing and creative expression residencies in schools, it’s all about starting where people are at and finding the next step, activity, goal, resource, or other support they need to move forward. 

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