• As a children’s literacy advocate, I live and breathe original fiction. I don’t believe in “pouring out old wine in new bottles.” I especially relish writing delicious and fun-laced picture books. My writings reveal the terrain of that vast and explored country, the human heart.

    Winner, 14 national writing awards( books/ manuscripts) for children’s fiction/ Open fiction. I feature as an author in 19 books for children( mostly PB, Middle-Grade Fiction) One of my more recently published picture books, “Fooled You!” published by Scholastic, has won me the “Best of Indian Children’s Books ( Contemporary) Writing Award in the picture book category in 2019. Chosen Final Jury by Scholastic India for their “National Annual Schools Writing Awards, 2018”. 

    My poignant fiction piece on the exploitation of womenfolk , “Kamala,” was shortlisted for a Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2003. The bestselling Chicken Soup has published many of my non-fiction pieces for the Soul series ( includes YA). 
    A Marketing graduate from the prestigious business school, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, The UK, I’ve boarded the bandwagon for a full-time writing career in children’s books(fiction/ non-fiction) across all genres, January 2021 onwards. 

    Famous Illustrators: Legendary stalwarts of Indian children’s literature — Jagdish Joshi, Suddhasattwa Basu, Tapas Guha, Savio Mascarenhas, Ajanta Guha Thakurta, Deepak Harichandan, Prithvi Gayen, Debasish Deb, Saurabh Pandey, Ankur Mitra, Sanjay Sarkar, Niloufer Wadia, Subir Roy (in random order) have illustrated my children’s literary works — to name a just a few.  

    Current Writing Trends:  

    Children’s Book Categories ( 2021+):  Board Books, PB, Early Readers, Middle-Grade.  
    Target Group Audience (TGA): 0-3 years, 2-5 years, 3-6 years, 4-8 years, 9-12 years, 12-15 years. 

    Genre gender equality, disabilities, memory loss, poverty, grief, inclusivity, diversity, multi-cultural, colour, intra-cultural, minority rights, BLM, rights of the girl child, empathy. 
    moral fibre, mystery, humour (silly to dark!), quirky and off-beat. 

    Awards and Honours : 

    Open Short Story Writing Contest ( organized / broadcast over All India Radio, North East Service 1975 [First Prize Winner])  
    Children’s Book Trust, India ( 1991, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001,2004) 
    Tinkle Original Story Award( 1992,1993) 
    Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children (AWIC,  1993, 1994)
    Commonwealth Short Story Prize (shortlist) 2003
    Communal Harmony Writing Award ( 2012) 
    National Story/ Script-writing Contest ( First Prize Winner, 2019) 
    (sponsored by The Children’s Magazine, Kerala) 
    Best of Indian Children’s Writing ( Contemporary) Award ( BICW, 2019) 

    Published stories for kids ( Print/ Audio , 2007- 2021+): 

    Print Media: 

    NEWSPAPER DAILIES: ( 50+ stories) The Telegraph (Telekids), The Times of India (NIE), Deccan Herald, The Indian Express ( Young Express), The Statesman, The Statesman Annual Special Number, The Hindu ( Young World, forthcoming 2021)  

    MAGAZINES:(250+ stories)  Target, Chandamama, Junior Chandamama, Tinkle, 
    Champak, Magic Pot, Dimdima, Children’s World, The Children’s Magazine (Regional), 
    Ananda Mela (Ananda Bazar Patrika)  Oscar Award Winner and Founder, Late Satyajit 
    Ray’s Sandesh (in Bengali),  Sofura ( Assamese).  

    POETRY: Several selections by Poet Laureate, Nissim Ezekiel. Published in Indian P.E.N Journal, The Independent, Pangolin Review ( Mauritius  2018).  

    SHORT PLAY (for Children):  Award-winning Play published by CBT, India. 

    Broadcast( Audio) Media

    RADIO: (Over 30+ stories) for kids (YA, Adults) selected, recorded and broadcast by All India Radio, Kolkata ( Yuva Bharati, Horizon radio bands).  

    Social Media Work-outs: (Work-in-Progress): Goodreads, Amazon Author Central, Linked In, Facebook. 

    Author’s Interview: SUN magazine

    http://debashishmajumdar.com/Media/Media_02.html (5/1/12)

    Author’s Interview: shyamalasworld.blogspot.com/2020/03/author-interview-debashish-majumdar.html (March 2020) 

    Debashish’s Interviews: 
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    Celebrity Citizens’ Series: DEBASHISH MAJUMDAR
    (The Times of India, Kolkata interview by Saima Afreen, dated: 4/11/11)

    “Debashish Majumdar is a gifted writer who transformtrans places of daily life into snapshots from a dream world.”
    — Saima Afreen, The Times of India

    Beautiful pine forests, smoke rising from the chimney of a cottage atop a hillock, whistle from a distant train. Sounds like stuff that dreams are made of? Well, that’s the magic of words oozed from the pen of Debashish Majumdar. He is a gifted writer who transforms places of daily life into snapshots from a dream world. Savouring Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island in the cozy library of his grandfather, a writer, was what he wanted to be. At the tender age of 15, his short story, Man by the Roadside, was broadcast by All India Radio when he won an Open Short Story Contest.

    Expounds the writer,” The celebrated writer Eric Segal could have been my
    mentor at Harvard University when I won the scholarship for studying literature.
    He ended up studying at The Chartered Institute of Marketing, U.K. Nonetheless,
    he enjoys both his roles of an independent marketing consultant and, of course,
    that of a writer. Reflecting a faint glister of Ruskin Bond, his simple yet unique 
    narrative is what children get mesmerised with. The hilly region where Majumdar
    was born and brought up seems to have shaped his imagination. So it is not
    surprising that the alpine topography where many of his stories are set in emerges 
    and merges into the mental landscape of the young readers.” (An excerpt) 
    Book Reviews: 

    Fooled You!  ( published by Scholastic India), BICW Award winner, 2019  

    Book Review:  Fooled You! Jaya’s blog ( www.jayabhattacharjirose.com) (11 May 2018) http://www.jayabhattacharjirose.com/tag/fooled-you/ (www.jayabhattacharjirose.com) (11 May 2018) 
    Hilltop Ghost and Other Stories ( published  by Pauline Book & Media India)

    Book Review @ The Statesman ( Kolkata & New Delhi editions) (5/1/12) 

    Book Review @ Sunita Sinha ( Children’s World, C.B.T.) (May 2011) 

    Video Review: https://www.facebook.com/kahanitakbak/videos/fooled-you-by-debashish-majumdar/2213500125559554/ 

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