• Deirdre A. Prischmann (Voldseth) is an author, Entomologist, and
    educator. She loves all things buggy and has always been fascinated by the
    words spleen and snort. She joined SCBWI in 2013 and writes both fiction (focus on PB, MG) and non-fiction, including eight  books about bugs (e.g., Poop Eaters: Dung Beetles in the
    Food Chain
    Goliath Bird-Eating Spiders and Other Extreme
    . She lives near Fargo, North Dakota with her husband, two girls, and
    one extremely smelly dog.


  • Hello! A little bit about me… I love putting words together, one after the other until…poof! Something has been created from nothing. I write fiction and non-fiction books, with the latter emphasizing STEM and creepy crawlies, since I’m an Entomologist. I like generating and sharing insights, and translating science into something accessible and fun. Many of my fiction books focus on perspectives and emotion. I have my rain-cloud moments, but try to work humor and the endless possibility of the imagination into my stories. I believe words have power, and I hope my writing helps and inspires people, especially kids.

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