• Hello!

    I’m Devon – an illustrator and writer passionate about
    picture books. I like the area between thought provoking, tenderness,
    and a good laugh and my favorite characters have hearts of gold with impish

    I grew up in Panama with
    the jungle as my backyard and parrots and iguanas as pets. Much of my
    work draws from my childhood and spontaneity of the tropics.

    I earned my BFA from
    the Rhode Island School of Design in 2000 and afterward lived in California exhibiting in
    art shows and working in graphic design at a national children’s
    publication. I later created a mural and fine art business and worked all
    over the Bay Area.

    I’m currently living in Aachen, Germany, with my
    husband, two kids, and our hound dog. I take walks for writing inspiration and thoroughly enjoy working in my attic studio. I’m never without my sketchbook and jumble of color pencils, pastels, and tray of everlasting gouache paint.