• Diana Toledano is an illustrator, writer and educator. She is also a Pisces who loves children’s books, patterns, and dancing her heart out. 

    Originally from Spain, Diana (pronounced the Spanish way: Dee-Anna) grew up in Madrid where she studied Art History and Illustration. Now she lives in San Francisco with her husband and two fluffy cats. 

    Her mixed-media art seeks to capture the magic of the ordinary. Diana’s product designs and picture books, board books & chapter books have been published and sold all over the world.

    With a background as a museum educator, Diana also teaches workshops for kids and adults. She is the co-founder of Picture Book Surgery, she teaches classes at City College of San Francisco, and she enjoys speaking at conferences. Diana loves doing school visits because hanging out with kids is both fun and inspiring.

    Diana is represented by Teresa Kietlinski at Bookmark Literary.

    Learn more at: www.diana-toledano.com


  • Life is a crazy, beautiful and joyful adventure. I want my art to reflect how there is something extraordinary to be found in every single day. I want to make room for vulnerability, sadness and melancholy, while encouraging wonder and hope. 

    I love experimenting and playing with traditional techniques. I usually work with my hands and use the computer to do some final adjustments. I adore patterns, textures and details.