• I have always enjoyed the art of storytelling and have now taken my imagination to print so I can share my stories with more children and families around the world.

    I have taught in the U.S. and overseas as an invited teacher and author to both teachers and students. 

    I have acted in musical theater in the U.S. and overseas and have taken my experience on stage to command an audience and make my speaking and workshops entertaining and motivational.

    I am continually learning and have only become a published author and illustrator in the last three years, so I know what it is like to keep learning. 

    I am a former classroom teacher and was one of the first educators chosen for Steve Job’s Apple Education program in the early 1980s. This program was very innovative for its time as, there was no degree program, and I  became one of the first self-taught, education technology pioneers who saw the magic of technology as a tool and, working with Apple Corporation began training other teachers. I wrote some of the first technology cross-curriculum for teachers and students and was published by “Visions Technology.” This experience led me to teach technology to grades 1-8 and to establishing the Texas Capitol Schoolhouse, to increase awareness among legislators of the benefits of funding technology in the classroom. I am also the founder of one of the very first educational sites on the internet, www.internetschoolhouse.com. I have three young adults and a wonderful husband. My mom continues to be an inspiration to our family and my five brothers and sisters-in-law. 


  • I am a new illustrator and have found it so much fun, yet hard work to harmonize the power of art with the power of words. I chose for most of my illustrations to use abstract and let the power of the imagination to visualize what I am conveying in words. My daughter Katherine is joining me in some of my future books and her artistic talents will only enhance the reader’s experience. 

    The one most important thing I would want the reader to get out of my books is the feeling of contentment. Knowing that when they read any of my books, they will feel good about themselves and want to be kind to others.