• My love of books began in childhood with Madeline and anything by Dr. Seuss. Throughout my life I toyed with pursuing the author/illustrator path, but not ’til my mid-thirties did I take that step. I discovered it was my true creative passion, and my work gradually expanded through the many Kid Lit fiction categories, from Board Books through Young Adult.

    As a long-time member of the SCBWI, I eventually volunteered for our NJ Chapter. Within a few years I had the honor to work with Kathy Temean during the last of her 10-year reign as Regional Advisor, serving as her Assistant Regional Advisor. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and will always be proud of, having been able to contribute in a time of need.
    I am very grateful the SCBWI exists, affording us a community we wouldn’t have otherwise.


  • As members of the incredible organization SCBWI, we all get to share many things with the kindred spirits whose paths we cross. It is one of the greatest joys in my life. In the spirit of sharing, I have uploaded a selection of illustrations, most of them KidLit-related. At present, my original characters are shared on a website, the link provided through queries and submissions. If you are an agent, editor or art director and would like the link, please contact me. (Any characters displayed here are not used in my books.)

    Please note there are TWO PAGES in the ILLUSTRATIONS GALLERY, the links being on the bottom right of each Gallery’s THUMBNAILS. To view an enlarged image, click on the thumbnail, and you can scroll through using the left/right arrows :D If you’d like to explore further, there;s a plethora of artwork created for every page on my two blogs: https://writersideup.com and http://2creativitycookbook.com

    Thanks for viewing! :)