• Edward Moldenhauer, author of the Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom is a retired United States Navy pharmacist and military intelligence analyst.  While having been published in several professional journals and co-writing The History of Pharmacy in the United States Navy, his true passion is honing up on “Ed’s Useless Trivia” and to teach his children about every topic imaginable, sometimes to their chagrin. Ed currently lives in Lititz, Pennsylvania, with his wife, children and dogs, Freckles and Cocoa.


  • Join our protagonist, Frederick von Wigglebottom, as he introduces readers to our main characters (always a girl and boy) who are indigenous to the area of his adventure.  These characters teach Frederick all about the people, culture, food, animals, and some pretty cool facts about where he “landed”. Frederick’s goal is not only to entertain your children but also to use his adventures as an opportunity for them to broaden their horizons to the world’s diversity and unity, instill a desire for them to want to learn even more, and for all of us to become good citizens of our planet.