• After graduating at the University of Natal (now KZN), I became a teacher (English and History). I taught in KZN and then in England and Scotland. On my return to South Africa, I taught English at Luckhoff High School in Stellenbosch. After doing further study at Stellenbosch University, I taught in various department –Drama, English Education and Afrikaans and Nederlands (English editing). I also designed and ran a programme for Gabonese teachers of English as a foreign language. My favourite courses were children’s literature courses. 


  • I believe that children deserve respect. They should be offered books that are the very best. they can be. 

    I am passionate about the importance of reading. I have been an avid reader all my life and the biggest gift I have been able to give my children and the students I have taught is a love of reading. I also enjoy doing editing (developmental and copy) as a way of contributing to resources children have. 

    I have been involved in compilations of stories set in Gabon, I have written stories for Nali Bali and I have translated a number of stories for NB Publishers. I have also published a book for the adult market (Huguenots at the Cape). At present, I am engaged in editing three stories and am revising two picture book stories that I hope will be accepted for publication.