• I am a children’s book author/ illustrator and content creator. My heroes are Martin Luther King Jr., Willa Cather, Hayao Miyazaki, my mom and my grandparents. Ink and watercolor are my first loves with digital coming in as a close and convenient second. I’m passionate about equal access to education. I know from experience that there is no such thing as a “good kid”- there are just “kids” and they are all worth it. 

    ***Currently querying and seeking an agent


  • A gorgeous line, a pool of wet ink waiting to be spread, lush greens and blues leaking into one another on the page- these are a few of my favorite things. I believe that art is a biological function, a spilling over of human creativity that allows us to connect across languages, prejudices and time. Storytellers & artists have an awesome responsibility to explore, connect and inspire. I’m an admirer of storytellers like Peter Spier and Barbara Cooney who celebrate the human experience with a gentle, persistent passion. As a professional caricature artist for over a decade I also like to play with cartooning techniques. In my stories I poke and prod to find the funny, the absurd and the inspiring in everyday things.