• I am an aspiring children’s book author/ illustrator and content creator. My heroes are Martin Luther King Jr., Willa Cather, Hayao Miyazaki, my mom and my grandparents. I own and operate a caricature company with 15 employees. I am also a STEAM educator and develop original content for after school classes to help families and children connect to more art classes and creative opportunities. Every human has a mind palace waiting to be unlocked. As an artist my job is to forge keys.


  • A gorgeous line, a pool of wet ink waiting to be spread, lush greens and blues leaking into one another on the page- these are a few of my favorite things. I believe that art is a biological function, a spilling over of human creativity that allows us to connect across languages, prejudices and time. Storytellers & artists have an awesome responsibility to explore, connect and inspire. I’m an admirer of storytellers like Peter Spier and Barbara Cooney who celebrate the human experience with a gentle, persistent passion. As a professional caricature artist for over a decade I also like to play with cartooning techniques. In my stories I poke and prod to find the funny, the absurd and the inspiring in everyday things.