• I am a children’s book author/ illustrator who loves stories full of quirky moments, beefy LOL’s and a penchant for poking at life’s mysteries. The world is changing fast and we need new stories to make sense of it all!

    I’ve spent the last 10 years as a professional ink slinger, caricaturing thousands of beach goers in sunny California. I’m making the transition to kid’s lit and bringing with me a passion for quick lines, constant appetite for improvement and connecting with all and sundry through the magic of art.

    I work digitally with a little bit o’ watercolor and colored pencil on the side.

    Currently querying and seeking an agent.


  • I love creating images and stories that makes kids laugh, help them connect to their communities and build relationships. I mostly create my illustrations digitally and enjoy working in color or black and white. Favorite topics are grandparents, garden scenes, visual gags, creativity and domestic scenes.