• The daughter of a physicist and a puppeteer, Emmeline loves all things related to children’s books!  After a successful former life as a theatrical wig maker, she now illustrates full time. When she’s not knee-deep in colored pencils, she can be found chasing her 5 kids, dreaming about taking a nap, or eating bacon.  Some of her favorite artists/illustrators include Stephen Gammell, Chris Riddell, Skottie Young, Loish, and Trina Schart Hyman.  If she could be reincarnated as any animal, she would be a gorilla. See more of her work at www.emmelineforrestal.com


  • lllustrator has minor meltdown, crowds fear for her safety
    When asked to provide an artist statement, Emmeline Forrestal became visibly agitated and sweaty. This reporter believes she has been scarred by reading too many incomprehensible artist statements in college and has actually developed an acute physical allergy to them.  When pressed, she mumbled something about “Whimsy…fairy tales…I love spooky stories….” before giving a strangled gasp and running from the room. This reporter believes her to be highly competent despite her frazzled demeanor when asked this particular question, and believes we’ll be seeing great things from her.
    A. Reporter, Made-Up Times, 2019