• Erin Bonsteel is a Graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design with an M.A. in Illustration. Originally born in Argentina, Erin travelled extensively growing up- from South Africa to Pakistan and Uruguay. This was due to her American dad’s career in the United States State Department and her mom’s Uruguayan heritage. Her family finally settled down in Maryland. Erin attended Salisbury University for her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and then moved to Baltimore with her future husband. Before deciding to pursue her graduate degree, she worked for many years as an ESOL teacher, Art teacher, waitress and bartender. Erin has done freelance artwork for local businesses, blogs and authors. Erin’s goals are to work in the editorial and children’s book markets. She is also interested in providing artwork for alternative and local media outlets, who are either up and coming or are typically overlooked. Currently, Erin lives in Savannah with her husband, Joe, their four cats-Bubbles, Jilly, Lennard and Rambo and their dog, Clyde.


  • I’m an illustrator focusing on the editorial market, children’s book art and alternative art. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017 with a Masters in Illustration.

     In my editorial work, I explore metaphors, allegories and connections as a way to layer and build my illustrations. I use unconventional imagery in order to engage the viewer and offset typical tropes. My desire to express a point a view drives my editorial work, but it also presents the opportunity to experiment conceptually. I prefer exploring themes such as individualism, liberty, loneliness and otherness. 

    My children’s book art is distinctive and organic. My characters are mostly animals, with pensive and quirky personalities. I like to achieve a sense of nostalgia with traditional materials such as watercolors, gouache, pencil and ink. Some projects that I have been working on: “Captain Vole and the Battle of the Nautilus”- an adventure series about an old daring, seafaring vole who recalls his past adventures of seeking out bounty in the wildest of domains. “Rudolph and Randolph- Cat Detectives”- a comic book about two silly cat detectives who only manage to solve crimes and mysteries through their insatiable quest for canned cat food. 

    I usually work traditionally with pen and ink, watercolor, scratchboard, pencil and gouache. I also create digital illustrations, but I am always sure to use custom brushes that achieve a natural look. I prefer to work in traditional materials because I prefer the intensity and thoughtfulness of physical mark-making. My style is defined by loose and gritty line work and moody, flowing colors. 

    Email with questions: elbonsteel@gmail.com

    website: https://erinbonsteel.com



    Instagram @Erin_Bonsteel_Illustration